No. As long as you are 21+ and have a valid ID, or 18 with a medical card, you can come to our dispensary.
Deliveries in your area are coming soon!
No. Because cannabis is federally illegal we do not recommend traveling out of state or the country with cannabis.
Call or message us and we can place any item on hold for 24 hours.
Unfortunately, due to the recent change in legislation, we do not accept returns. Defective products must be exchanged within 3 days of purchase for store credit/swap out only.
Unfortunately you cannot consumer cannabis in or around our dispensary. It is also illegal to smoke at any indoor or public space like bars, restaurants and parks.
Yes. Residents 21 and Over may visit recreationally with a Valid US ID.
>We accept cash, credit cards and have options for store credit. We also have an ATM on site
Starting September 1 only service animals will be allowed in our locations due to hygiene and liability reasons.